It begins: Why I decided to become a web developer.

“What do I want to do longterm, as a career?”

This was something I asked myself quite often this past year when I was exploring career options. You see, prior to this my professional and work experience comprised of music business (managing a music venue/booking shows) , factory jobs,  and retail.  All fine, but none of which I wanted to pursue longterm. I looked into careers I felt like I would be good at and passionate about. After several months of feeling like I had exhausted my options, I started researching tech careers.

I  reached out to a good friend of mine in Seattle who is a web developer to get an idea of what would look like to pick up and start a career in web developing.  He was extremly  encouraging and immediately supplied me with a number of incredible online resources on teaching yourself to code. I instantly signed up for a Treehouse account and began going through the “build a simple website”  course. In that course you start off building a fictional website using basic HTML and CSS code.

After a few hours, Something beautiful happened. I fell in love with coding. Everything started making sense! I was suddenly taken back in time to the first time I learned how to play a chord on my guitar, and I said, “Wow, “I just created music!” That’s how I felt when I viewed what I built with my code.

After diving into the basics of building a web page with HTML and CSS, I was HOOKED.  Something clicked inside of my brain,  I said to myself  “I can do this, this is what I have been looking for all along!” I wanted more, so I downloaded a text editor , and started building a website of my own. I turned into a code junkie dreaming of CSS positioning and HTML lists. I feel like I have a good eye for design, so learning HTML + CSS has been incredibly fun for me.

So Where do I go from here?  Well, the next step is learning more and kickstarting my career as a web developer. I want to learn More HTML, and CSS. I want to learn programming languages like Javascript and Ruby. I looked into applying at a few different coding bootcamps, and one stuck out to me the most. It’s called Makersquare.

Makersquare is a 10 week, in person web developing program in Austin, TX. The program is beginner focused, teaching you the fundamentals of HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails.  You train alongside classmates, and your instructors working on projects and building web apps. Personally, I am a very hands-on learner, so I find this method of teaching extremely helpful. I can read how-to books and watch tutorials till my eyes are crossed, but truth is,  I learn best from doing, failing, and trying again until I have succeeded.

I applied to Makersquare and got accepted! The program begins September 2nd. So here I am, in Seattle with my wife and 10 month old baby, working on Makersquare pre-work and planning a cross-country move from Seattle to Austin. My wife’s parents live in the Austin area, so it all works out perfectly.

So why do I want to be a web developer? I love building and creating. I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing what I create instantly. I believe I found a career  that I am passionate about and I believe I can do well and will provide for my family. I also love the challenge of being a web developer. There is always something new to learn, everyday. I love that. The challenge creates diligence and persistence,  and I want a job that will allow me to continue to grow as a creative thinker, a developer, and as a person.

I always assumed web development was something beyond what I could understand. I was wrong. The thing is, I believe we can teach ourselves practically anything that we want to learn. We need to be motivated and have a desire to learn. With passion and today’s resources, there is a lot out there we can learn.

So this is the beginning of something huge for me.  I will update this blog regularly with what I am learning and building. I would also like to publicly say thank you to all my family + friends who have encouraged me to pursue a career in web developing. It’s a game-changer.